SQM is a technical and legal organization specialized in European Regulations, CE marking, CE Certification. SQM is also an Eu Authorised representative  for foreign manufacturers. Since 1985 SQM works as technical office for companies that import or product electronic devices, consumption products, toys, electrical household appliances, etc and supplies them the Pass4CE service.

With offices in Asia, SQM is active worldwide and offers a full range of and Technical and Legal Services which ensure the effective compliance of the products following the directives that require the CE Marking. The founding members of SQM come from the manufacturing sector in Italy; thriving and technologically advanced in the 70s and 80s. In particular the first SQM born in the 80s as a result of the need for manufacturing companies and importers to acquire the technical / regulatory support required to comply with national laws and obtain the necessary certifications for customs clearance of their products.

SQM has implemented an EMC laboratory equipped for the application of standards CISPR 13 and CISPR 20 (now EN55013 and EN 55020) which was accompanied by a testing laboratory for IEC 103-5, IEC 103-7 and IEC 103- 1 necessary for the approval of the Italian phones and related devices. Over the years, SQM has expanded its activities, first and foremost, by providing support for international certification and since '95 has implemented the testing for harmonized standards for the EMC Directive.

To face the Low Voltage Directive came into force in '96, SQM acquired SICURLAB laboratory based in Carnate; specializing in tests according to harmonized standards for consumer electronics devices and appliances in general. SICURLAB was later sold to the Dutch KEMA becoming KEMA Italy. With the extensive experience gained over the years it allows SQM to perform the technical and legal activities (PASS4CE) related to the application of European directives and the rules that involve both design and production phase. SQM services guarantee to the customer the correct and simple application of the european Directives and ensure the conformity of the mass production to the harmonized standards.

The SQM activity also extends to dispatch all activities towards the Authorities (Customs, Police, Chambers of Commerce, Consumers Union, the Postal Police, etc.).

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