Risk assessment

The risk assessment is the European approach based on the correct identification of risks associated with normal or reasonably foreseeable use of a product.
SQM performs risk assessment making use of the skills of experienced personnel.

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European Directives recast by Decision 768/2008 explicitly indicate, for manufacturers, the new requirement to carry out a safety assessment in order to ensure the conformity of products. The safety assessment is an analysis of the chemical, physical, mechanical, electrical, flammability, radioactivity and hygiene that the product may have, as well as an assessment of the potential exposure to such hazards considering the type of the exposed population the normal and expected that use can be made of the product itself.
The safety assessment has been prepared in the design and pre-production, before subjecting the product to checking compliance but can also be completed at a later stage, in any case at the latest before placing the product on the market. In this framework, manufacturers may perform an assessment of the likelihood of the presence in the product of substances prohibited or restricted. The scope of these tests depends on the evaluation.
Against this background, the verification requirement applies to substances that can be expected to be present in the product in question. If the assessment shows that there are no risks associated with the presence of chemical substances, the manufacturer is not required to carry out checks for the substances. If there is no electrical hazard, manufacturers are not required to check this danger and the same applies to substances which are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction.
The safety assessment must be kept in the technical documentation and, therefore, must be kept at the disposal of the market surveillance authorities in the event of checks generally for a period of 10 years after the placing on the market of the product.

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