Access to the global market

SQM with its experts in product certifications provides legislative support, regulatory and technical requirements for the necessary international approvals to market products in the following countries:

Countries Brand
China CFDA
China CCC
Canada / USA CSA
Saudi SASO
Korea Kc

The markets are constantly changing and today operate in most markets is the key to meet any national downturns. SQM enables you to overcome the technical barriers that limit or preclude some markets.

The SQM experts provide the following services:

  1. Check what laws apply and what procedures put in place to market the products in the countries of interest.
  2. Implement your behalf the international certification procedures by acting directly with the authorities and national bodies.

In order to quickly process your request we need the following documents:

  1. user manual and if this installation, Photos or the catalog / the product / s that needs to you to certify
  2. expected usage description
  3. General Specifications other than described in the user manual
  4. If available, any test reports

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