Compliance tests

SQM carries out the compliance tests in his own laboratory or in the laboratories of its partners both in Italy and in China.

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Our italian and chinese laboratories have the accreditation according to ENI7025 issued by Notify Body (ACCREDIA and CNAS).
The chinese accreditation guarantee the same prerogatives of italian accreditations for the testing laboratories, as both ACCREDIA and CNAS signed the International Agreements of mutual acknowledgement ILAC ( ILAC MRA - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and Mutual Recognition Arrangements).

The status of signer of the agreements ILAC MRA guaranties the expertise, the severity in the procedure and the uniformity of the signer to the way to work of ACCREDIA in the evaluation of testing laboratories, calibration laboratories and inspection bodies. The international agreements guarantee the acknowledge of the equivalence of the crediting activities developed by the signer in the system of international accreditation managed by ILAC. Thanks to agreements ILAC MRA the Test Reports, the calibration certificates and the inspection reports issued by the signer have a mutual and international recognition, that ensure these documents are valid all over the world.


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