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Among the countries that most are having a strong commercial interest in many areas there is China with its huge population can be an important outlet for many sectors. SQM is able to offer a fast and professional service allowing you to optimize the time and the costs of obtaining the CCC mark. Through our offices in China SQM interfaces directly with the bodies responsible for issuing the certificate and is therefore capable of directly following the certification process in real time. Since entering into force in China's CCC certification system (China Compulsory Certification) many categories of products, to be imported and marketed in the Chinese market, must obtain certification and the CCC mark, which unifies and replaces the two mandatory certification existing before 2002. The CCC certifies the safety standards, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental protection products.

The products subject to certification belong today to 23 product categories, each subdivided into several subcategories, governed by an "implementing regulation for the certification" stating:

  • the products concerned;
  • certification procedures;
  • the required documentation;
  • the rules for the application of the brand.

Customs codes do not allow you to safely identify the products subject to certification, because sometimes the Chinese codes do not match the Italians. From time to time we can determine whether the type of product falls somewhere between those involved.

The 23 product categories are:

  1. Electric cables
  2. switches, protective equipment and connection
  3. low-voltage electrical equipment
  4. electric motors fractional
  5. power tools
  6. welding machines
  7. appliances and the like
  8. audio / video devices
  9. IT products
  10. electric lighting equipment
  11. for telecommunication terminals
  12. for the safety cars and accessories
  13. tires
  14. Safety glazing
  15. Agricultural machinery
  16. latex products
  17. electro-medical equipment
  18. fire-fighting equipment
  19. for alarm systems sensors
  20. Wireless LAN products
  21. products for decorations and reconditioned materials
  22. Toys
  23. Products for Information Assurance

The official accreditation body is the CNCA (, who also have the official interpretation of the rules. Accredited bodies to grant certification are nine; All are based in China. None of them is responsible for all product groups.

The CCC is an ISO procedure that involves:

  • submission and acceptance of the application and the required documentation;
  • Type tests;
  • Preliminary inspection factory;
  • random testing;
  • issuance of the certificate;
  • inspection routine factory.

Costs vary in relation to the implemented procedures, the type of product and the Oversight Board issue the certificate.

SQM carries out directly and the activities aimed at Italian companies requesting that those facing the certification bodies.


  1. Application for CQC in English and Simplified Chinese
  2. If there are, CB certificate and CB Report in English
  3. Wiring diagrams and printed circuits in English
  4. Label plate in Chinese Simplified
  5. User Guide in Simplified Chinese
  6. Parts list for Safety
  7. Parts list for EMC
  8. Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  9. trademark registration certificate
  10. Company code if it is already dealer CCC
  11. Letter of Authority to use agent SQM
  12. Compliance Statement
  13. Questionnaire for Factory Inspection
  14. A copy of the quality manual
  15. A copy of the procedures involved with the production of the product concerned.

You will be provided by SQM documentation in Italian to be completed, after which the data obtained will be appropriately translated into Simplified Chinese, and you will be subjected to the official documentation in simplified Chinese language so provvediate to sign it.
You need 4 product samples plus a sample if you intend to certify a family of products.

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