Support market surveillance

SQM intervenes to support its customers by evaluating the technical substance of the objections of the national supervisory bodies (Customs, Police, Chambers of Commerce, Consumer Union, the Postal Police, etc.) and by interfacing with the authorities in order to resolve (when you can) the specific situations.

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In particular, the supports provided by SQM to customers in this area are:

  • In collaboration with the SQM customer complete its investigation of the complaints, maintaining and managing the register of complaints of non-compliant products.
  • In collaboration with the customer SQM implements the management of the corrective measures necessary to bring conforming products may not conform to withdraw or recall them, as appropriate. Where the product presents a risk, SQM runs, always in consultation with the client, the provision of information to the National Competent Authority of the Member State where the product has been sold.
  • Following a reasoned request from a competent national authority, SQM provides for the customer all the information and documentation necessary to demonstrate the conformity of the product.
  • On behalf of the customer, SQM cooperate with that authority on any action to eliminate the risks posed by the products placed on the market. Member States are required to implement the market surveillance and supervision required for the assessment of the correct affixing of the CE marking of products as governed by Regulation 765/2008 which establishes supervision to the competent authorities.
    Through the implementation decrees, the Member States have proceeded to appoint the authorities responsible for market surveillance, defining objectives, organization and powers.
    The level of control exercised in Italy in recent years has been well received by stakeholders and produced a significant impact on the behavior of economic operators, with the support of SQM, improved operational processes aimed at compliance with the Guidelines.
    In addition, the media attention on the potential risks caused by non-compliant products will cause the real control and supervision on the market is entrusted mainly to the users of products educated by a lot of information to which they have access.

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