Tecnical construction file

SQM checks and collects all documents that compose the Technical Construction File (TCF), so it is easily readable and understandable.

This document must be prearranged and kept at disposal of Authorities of Surveillance before the product is placed into the market.
The Techincal Construction File is the key part for the valuation of the product’s conformity from Authorities that has to control the market of European Countries.

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The TCF must contains the project, design and manufacturing choices utilized to prove the conformity and to identify the product. This document shall contain choices, solutions and risks connected to the reasonable use of the product concerned.

List of elements that compose the Technical file:
The information concerning project, manufacture and working of the product must include a general description and possible variants.

  • Design drawings and schematic diagram.
  • Safety Assestment: This is the most important section of the TCF and is an obbligation. Different methodologies may be applied and this analysis has the aim to verify all possible causes of risk checking the product from all point of view : mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, environmental and operative.
  • This conformity assestment procedure shows some risks, that must be solved during the project. Where this is not possible, and the risk that is present also on the marketed version, will be cited all the countermeasures to be taken to due caution. This information called “Residual Risks”, must be mentioned in the use and maintenance manual.
  • List of the standards utilized to comply with the essential requirements.
  • A list of components and materials used in the toy as well as the safety data sheets on chemicals used.
  • Documentation of components retrieved from commerce.
  • Checks, tests, controls and instructions for the use.

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